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What are the requirements for building a granny flat on my block?

There are a number of guidelines which you must comply with in order to determine if a granny flat can be built on your block. The current legislation is called the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy 2009, otherwise known as the ‘SEPP’.

What is the maximum site I can build my granny flat?

The maximum size is 60 square metres.

Can I build a granny flat in any local government council area?

Generally speaking, the answer is Yes. However, you will need to check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions which may prevent a grannyflat being built on your block. This can usually be identified by purchasing a Section 149(2) Planning Certificate from your local council, which costs $40.

Do you custom build the granny flats, or are they kit homes?

We are NOT a kit home company. All our buildings are constructed on site, using quality licensed trades people.

I already have an old granny flat on my bloc. Can I still build another granny flat?

No. The SEPP only allows you to build one granny flat per lot.

I live on a battle axed block. Can I still build a granny flat?

Only if the access laneway to your block is wider than 3m, and the block measures at least 12m x 12m (excluding the access laneway).

Does the granny flat have to be separate from the house, or can it be attached?

Granny Flats can be attached or detached. Granny Flats Australia specialise in detached granny flats only. Keep in mind that it is usually cheaper to build a granny flat as a separate structure.

Do I have to choose one of your standard designs to put on my block?

Certainly not. We can customize a design to suit your block and your needs. If you do not see a design you like, please feel free to ask for a custom design. We are always updating our designs, so chances are you will find something you like.

Do I get a say in the colours and finishes of my home?

Absolutely. We have a large range of colours and materials for you to choose from to suit your lifestyle.

We need a granny flat that will be wheel chair complaint. Can you assist us with this?

Some of our designs can be modified to comply with Australian Standard 1428.1-2009. Alternatively, one may be designed for you.

How long will it take to get approval before we can start building?

The design and approval process generally takes 6-8 weeks. Your project will be ready for construction after that.

Do we have to go through our local council for approval, or can it be done through a private building certifier?

If your site is in full compliance with the SEPP, then we will apply through a private certifier. If there are some elements of your site which do not comply with the SEPP, then a Development Application must be submitted to local council. Granny Flats Australia specialise in Complying Development Approvals only (approval through a private certifier).

How long does the construction process take?

6-8 months total timeframe, but is also subject to design and inclusions in your quotation.

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