Retirees can benefit by downsizing to a more maintainable, brand new home and leaving the larger home to their children or rent it out!

Children can also help their parents or grandparents who are elderly or have special needs. A Granny Flat can solve this situation by providing the right living conditions while keeping a loved one close by.

Save money on nursing home facilities. Keep loved ones part of the community. Keep loved ones close by, in your care. Maintain privacy and independence.

We can cater for these needs by providing emergency links between the main house and granny flat. Also included are any necessary fittings required for additional safety and accessibility. These may include wider doorways, emergency intercoms between front house and granny flat, safety rails, etc.

(Complying with AS1428.1-2009 – Access for people with disability. AS4299-2005 – Adaptable housing)


Watch a video about a Janice and Peter who currently accommodate their mother in a granny flat. Click here to view their story >>