Home Office

The trend towards working from home is ever growing in today’s technological world. A home office in the form of a “Granny Flat” is the perfect way to go to the work at home.

Wake up when you’re ready! Wear what you like! Step out into your backyard and you’ve arrived!

Multipurpose Room

Need to extend? Need an additional room for a hobby or hangout? Our specialist designers can create a custom designed room ready for you. A detached room can give you the additional space you need while keeping out the noise and mess.

The investment in a multipurpose room adds value to your home over the long term.

“I use my granny flat as a home office. I pay $348 extra per month on my mortgage, but there are no nearby office for less than $1,200 per month. I don’t have a landlord, or lease and I don’t have to pay for parking or petrol or battle traffic” – J Edwards Leichardt

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